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  April 19, 2015
Book Details

The Love Book

San Francisco: Stolen Paper Review Editions 1966. Original Wraps. As New. Beat poet Lenore Kandel (born 1932) wrote at the very heart of the Beat Movement. Because only two of her books have ever been published, this one and Word Alchemy, she is generally not well known, or known only as one of Gary Snyder's ex-girlfriends or as the basis for Kerouac's character Ramona Swartz in the novel Big Sur, but she is nevertheless highly regarded by many modern poets. In 1966 she synthesized the essence of the Free Speech Movement and the nascent Hippie Movement/Love One Another vibe that was to grow into 1967's Summer of Love, writing and publishing this incendiary erotic masterpiece of modern poetry. The Love Book's four poems celebrate the divine nature of sexuality, offering a potent and eloquent testament to physical, sexual love, succinct and full of explicit language. That explicit language led to the book being confiscated by San Francisco police in November 1966, with raids on City Lights Bookstore and the Haight-Ashbury District's Psychedelic Shop which led to the arrest of three booksellers. The obscenity trial that followed was at the time the longest running trial in San Francisco history. That court's guilty verdict was appealed all the way to the California Supreme Court, which upheld the obscenity ruling in 1967. That conviction was overturned by a Federal District Court in 1974. Brown and white covers. God/Love Poem is correctly included a two-page poem.

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